I’m a 6? year old   husband,  father, grandfather,retired- teacher, poet, motorcycle rider, union activist, secular humanist, hell raiser, shameless agitator , peace maker, brewmeister, viet-nam vet vegan, cook, gardener, lover of  The Road of  life.

This blog will feature my thoughts, ruminations, stories, photos , perhaps some poetry about the hings that are important to me.  That means family and friends, motorcycles for sure, philosophy, politics, and  matters of style, taste  and art. The Road takes many turns, travels to some dead-ends and cul de sacs, turns back on itself occasionally, has it’s ups , downs, hairpin turns,  hazardous intersections, roundabouts,  and  once in awhile  a bit of  road-kill.  So far I’ve had a heck of a  ride,  but what a long strange trip it has been.  Follow along. I’ll try to not steer us off the cliff.

Keep On Keepin’ On

6 Comments to “About”

  1. Mr. uglicoyote,
    You really rock the blog world my friend! Just started posting- got to say I could learn a lot from you. Love your layout and your uncompromising posts. I will be visiting often-
    Take care,

  2. Bill, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know I care about you and miss you. It’s unfortunate you did not hang around long enough to see the thread you shot at come to fruition. My approach was to incite reaction, and that I did. Unfortunately, you failed to hang around to see where I was going with that post. That is alright though. You and I have a gulf between us politically.

    You, Bear, and another friend of mine, Mike Horning here in Alaska all share that distant shore, but a gulf does come together in the center and upon occasion Mike, Bear and I meet. What brings us together is mutual respect, commonalities and love of our fellow man.

    I wish to remain in contact with you, and though you do not see me as a friend, please know I am here for you should you ever need me.

    I care deeply for you on many levels. As a poet I love your work and see you as a mentor. As a man, you are an inspiration as I, like you, believe in standing on ones principles. As a human being, well you are a man who loves, as am I. You are a man who holds family close, as do I and you are a man who is “good for goodness sake”… well I can’t say I’m all that good, but what good there is in me is there for the same reason.

    You have my email address, please take care of yourself and remember I think highly of you, care for you and hope that someday we may come together.

    “Wild Bill”

  3. Thanks for reading and reblogging some of my posts, Mr. uglicoyote!

    Best wishes,


  4. I like it. Very nice blog.

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