Early “failed” migration out of Africa was actually successful

Humans evolved in Africa within the last 200,000 years. However, they didn’t hang around for long. By ~120,000 years ago modern humans began migrating out of Africa and into the Middle East. Yet they didn’t stick around there either; disappearing shortly after they first arrived. It was long thought that they had retreated back into Africa and this first migration was a failure. However, new evidence reveals that these early pioneers may have managed to continue migrating after all; making it as far as China. Fossils from Israel show that modern humans made it out of Africa ~120,000 years ago. There they hung out and did all sorts of exciting human-type stuff; like carrying out the first intentional burials. However, changing climates made the region inhospitable and they vanished […]

Source: Early “failed” migration out of Africa was actually successful


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