Louis C.K's New, New Testament: 20 Commandments to Live By


I was re-watching a Louis C.K. stand-up special on Netflix this weekend (because there’s nothing else to watch on Netflix, but that’s another story on another site) and as I was listening along to his bits, a certain life philosophy began to take shape. Louis C.K. has a very wise, very profane, and very funny perspective on existence. One joke in particular got me thinking: Louis C.K. should write a self-help book — more like a pamphlet, really. Maybe he could even put it on stone tablets. In fact, you know what: Louis C.K. should have his own Bible. He should compile a set of principles relating to ethics and worship, which would play a fundamental role in how we live our lives. No, actually, you know what? Louis C.K. should start his own goddamn religion, and these should be Louis’s 20 Commandments.

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