Shermer and Harris pwn Chopra at Caltech

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve deliberately neglected Deepak Chopra for most of my life, as I don’t need the tsouris.  But now, after having listened to him more and more, I find out that he’s not only a dreadful purveyor of woo, but also a pretty nasty guy when he’s challenged.

In this ten-minute clip, apparently filmed at Caltech, Shermer and, especially, Sam Harris, simply take Chopra’s woo-peddling to pieces.  Chopra comes off looking really bad. And he won’t let other people talk.

In truth, I think any of us could fabricate and peddle the same stuff that Chopra does, and make a million dollars doing so. As Harris says, “This is a game. . . for people who don’t know much about science and how science is done.”

Lots of people seem to vilify Sam for his views, something I don’t fully understand since I think they often distort those views; but…

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