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September 14, 2013

Sharon Higgins: What STEM Crisis?

Diane Ravitch's blog

Sharon R. Higgins, an Oakland parent and blogger, questions
whether there is a STEM cris and offers documentation for her
views. She writes: The STEM alarm is definitely a manufactured
crisis. 1. “As the push to train more young people in STEM —
science, technology, engineering and math — careers gains steam, a
few prominent skeptics are warning that it may be misguided — and
that rhetoric about the USA losing its world pre-eminence in
science, math and technology may be a stretch.” (“Scientist
shortage? Maybe not.” USA Today, 7/9/2009,
2. “’There is no scientist shortage,’ says Harvard University
economist Richard Freeman, a leading expert on the academic labor
force.” (from “Does the U.S. Produce Too Many Scientists?”
Scientific American, 2/22/2010),
3. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the top 20
fastest growing occupations, only one is STEM-related (biomedical
engineers). 4. According
to the Bureau…

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September 14, 2013


September 14, 2013

Five Atheist Related Stories From The Past Week That Make Me Smile

From the Atheist Voice Video series by Hemant Mehta