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March 5, 2013


Gun Owners Need to Read This

I’ve been debating this issue for years on the Internet. Usually I’m outnumbered. Every one of my comments is meet with a dozen defenders of semi automatic weapons, large clips, and sales without background checks. I explain to them that I own guns, have a carry permit, and support the Second Amendment. They don’t believe me. Like, I can’t be for better guns laws and be a gun owner at the same time. I sincerely believe improved gun laws will occur when gun owners get on the band wagon and make it happen.

I ask, “Why does anyone need a semi-automatic weapon and large capacity clip?” They answer for protection, “I don’t want to be outgunned by someone breaking into my home.” When I reply there is no record of a home invasions by people with semiautomatic weapons, they finally blurt out what’s really…

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