The War On Women: A different take

The efforts of GOP legislators and various religious entities to insert themselves into women’s personal heath decisions and to do everything they can to keep women down and to roll back the clock on all strides  previously  taken towards women’s equality in our society are well known to us all. The following data  graph illustrates what may be the most serious and dangerous front in the “War On Women. SOB


4 Responses to “The War On Women: A different take”

  1. I am frightened by the GOP’s objectives when it comes to women’s rights. And I haven’t following your blog for very long, so I cant really tell if you are red or blue… However, I appreciate thoughtful, and intelligent commentary on political issues that may contrast with my own views. If we had more of that in our political system and less childish banter, things may be a little different… I digress… I actually came here for “Obama 2012: the lesser evil?” but the post wasn’t there. Nonetheless, good stuff you got here.


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