The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado

Sometimes I think about zombies.

Sometimes I think about the zombie apocalypse.

Sometimes P and I discuss how we will survive the zombie apocalypse.

You call it crazy.

I call it planning ahead.

Considering we live near the mountains, that seems like the most logical place to go. Bunkering down in the house just ain’t gonna cut it.

P will finally stop complaining about all those cans of beans I have in the cupboard.

Keeping all our camping gear in an easily accessible pile will finally have a purpose.

A pit stop at the grocery store by our house will be in order…let’s just hope the invasion doesn’t happen on a Saturday.

Did I mention that these conversations usually occur during episodes of the Walking Dead? Yeah. Discussing your zombie evacuation plan, that’s true love right there people.

Also hummus. I’d need to make sure I have lots and…

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