Authors Comment: Occasionally I have had need for a quotation about the separation of church and state. Here is a handy list I often draw upon. Please feel welcome to use them. 

On the Separation of Church and State

 Infidel or Christian. Atheist or Deist by Craig Gosling

Can you identify this person by a few of his quotations?

Who was it that wrote that the bible is “… a groundwork of vulgar ignorance of things impossible, of superstition, fanaticisms and fabrications?” It is “…compounded from the heathen mysteries, a system beyond the comprehension of man, of which Jesus, were he to return on earth, would not recognize one feature.”

Concerning most religious leaders, our mystery man wrote: they use religion…”for the purpose of deriving from it pence and power.”

Who was it that claimed, “…our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions, any more than our…

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