Top Ten Benfits of Being an Atheist

1. Atheists earn higher incomes. (10-15% higher, according to 1989 study)

2. Atheists stay married longer. (21% of Atheists have been divorced vs 29% for Christians) -Barna Research Group 1999

3. Atheists are less likely to end up in jail. (Atheists comprise 15% of US population, however, only 1% of US Prison population are non-believers.)

4. Atheists are more likely to climb to the top of academia. (97% of the National Academy of Science Members are atheists. The 3,200 members includes more than 200 Noble Laureate recipients)

5. Atheists are less likely to succumb to the lure of authoritarian regimes, that promise miraculous and divine sent decrees. You think Hitler could have convinced a nation of Secularists/Atheists that slaughtering Jews was a good way to spend a Sunday? But far easier to do so when working with devotees of the anti-Semite Martin Luther.

6. Atheists live longer and happier, according to a 2009 poll conducted by Erasmus University Rotterdam

7. Atheists are not required to hate anyone. There is no doctrine that promotes in/out thinking.

8. Atheists have higher morality developmental growth. Famous American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg writes that at moral development’s highest levels – moral judgments must be justified on rational moral grounds rather than by appeal to the order of nature or to religious authority or revelation. While Freud suggested that religion served to undermine moral responsibility while promoting fanaticism, he contended that people who behave morally only out of fear of a supernatural penalty, would be unlikely to respect and care for others from an altruistic perspective.

9. Atheists achieve deeper levels of critical thinking and free thought.

10. Atheists are way better in the bedroom. (My own anecdotal experience)

*Correlation doesn’t equal causation, but it’s nice to have some fun with it.


9 Responses to “Top Ten Benfits of Being an Atheist”

  1. Understanding that “correlation doesn’t equal causation” should be another benefit of being an atheist:)

  2. Just a couple of thoughts
    1) quoting studies from 1989?
    2) 1999?
    5) Hitler? He was an atheist and killed the Christians, Jews, anyone that spoke out against him.
    7) Except people who believe in God. Hating them is a prerequisite. How do I know? What do you think of anyone you offend?
    8) Higher morality growth? Do you mean situational ethics where you get to decide for yourself what’s right? That’s what Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and numerous other atheists decided was right when the murdered millions.
    9) Deeper levels of critical thinking? You mean like the e-card you posted?
    10) It’s a wonder you’re still married. Oh wait that would be a religious rite for the ignorant.

    Hey, I love your sarcasm, but what are you so mad at?

    • Most of your comments are just ad hominem bullshit and not worthy of a response. I would point out however, that Hitler claimed Christianity and Catholicism as his own through his reign. The Nazi Party did as well. He wrote about it in Mein Kampf.
      Situational ethics have driven Christianity since its conception (not immaculate). But when you guys use it you come up with something like “god’s mysterious ways” to explain it away.

  3. I am SO with you! The thing I dislike most about any kind of religion is that it’s so damn irrational! Respect truth, not God!

  4. Good stuff. I enjoyed all comments because I agreed with them all.


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