Elephants are powerful animals, able to lift logs with their trunks and knock trees over using their heads. You might think it strange then to find that circus elephants are usually kept tethered by their handlers with a length of rope that they could easily break. This because they have been conditioned. This is accomplished by trainers through the use of a heavy metal chain to tether the young elephants while they are still young. The elephants learn during their development that they cannot break the bonds and they associate them with their limits, boundaries and freedoms. Later, when they are fully grown and are of adult size and strength, they still believe they cannot break that bond and so, they never really try. From then on, only a rope is necessary to keep them from breaking their bonds, freeing themselves and realizing their true strength. You do realize I am not really talking about elephants at all don’t you?


Lance A. Sievert


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