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October 14, 2010

Texas Historian: Evolution is an established fact

October 14, 2010

Thank God? Really?

October 8, 2010

Manly Writing

Benjamin Franklin 

“I am indebted to my notebook for the happiness of my whole life.” Benjamin Franklin

This quote from Franklin, a personal hero of mine, was taken from an article.  The Pocket Notebooks of Twenty Famous Men, which I found on  site  called  The Art of Manliness . The site itself seems a bit too “mucho macho”  for my tastes but I really found this piece and a related article, The Manly Tradition of the Pocket Notebook , to be quite fascinating and coincidentally right on point to  similar musings  which I’ve recently engaged  on this subject.  It seems that I’m in good company as, not only Franklin but the likes of Darwin, Beethoven, George PattonHemingway, George  Lucas and Mark Twain were/are devotees of the pocket notebook; Beethoven so much so that many of the paintings and statues of the great composer  depict  him with book and pen in hand.
Many writers or would-be writers keep a daily journal. Many others, who do not consider themselves ‘writers’ do the same, although they may call it by another name; a diary, field notes, daily log, etc. Over-the road truck drivers are required  to keep a daily log of their  activities and, although most keep the bare minimum specified  by law and/or employers,  a few keep much more detailed accounts of their travels and musings. Others in many occupations and circumstances do the same. Most  would  not describe themselves as “writers” but that is exactly what they are.
I have struggled off and on for years with  daily  journaling.   I keep it for a while and then set things aside and forget about it for long stretches. I’ve found that  keeping a  daily journal increases my creativity and enhances my thought processes so why would I choose not to do it consistently?  Lethargy, laziness, sloth all play a role. I can argue that time is a factor  but, busy as I am I cannot honestly say that I can’t find  ten minutes or so, sometime during my busy day to sit down, compose my thoughts and write.  I have sloppy handwriting but I don’t need handwriting to do what I’m doing now, essentially journal writing  electronically.   The word “blog” comes from a blending of  web log, an electronic log or journal. In this high-tech age, Franklin’s beloved ‘notebook’ takes on a whole new significance.
Ludwig von Beethoven with his notebook. 

I’ve found that, to do justice to the journaling art, a combination of  hand written and electronic methods works best for me.  A pocket notebook of some type for making notes and jotting down ideas as they come throughout the day and my computer  to write a more comprehensive account of the day. One need not publish. A pocket notebook, log, journal, blog, can be written primarily for self edification or to be shared with only a few. It can also be, as this blog is, available to all comers for their consideration. It’s up to the individual .
Which brings me to the point of this ramble.  I am trying to get back on track, keeping a daily journal. I am committing myself mentally to post  some thoughts every day. I maintain a couple of other blogs,  while this one is used  primarily for  thoughts, musings and information related to politics, religion, and personal philosophy, the others  are not. If you don’t see something here daily I may have simply written something that I felt was more relevant elsewhere. I will strive to do something daily. I keep you posted on how I’m doing. In the meantime, consider doing something like this yourself, if you don’t already do so. Keep a written journal, diary, notebook, or create  a blog or your own (it’s easy). Write down your thoughts, ideas, feelings, musings, temper tantrums,  successes and joys, failures and disappointments. I guarantee that, with practice, you will be better for it.  If you decide to do this, and wish to share your thoughts, keep me posted via e-mail. I’d love to know how you’re doing.
Keep On Keepin’ On
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