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December 5, 2009

A Hell of a Week

The loss of a friend and colleague has saddened me deeply this week. On more than one occasion I have found myself “tearing-up ” as my thoughts turn to her and her daughter, my own daughter’s best friend. I also feel deeply for the staff at her school who must deal with a tragic loss and her students who loved her. She had struggled for many years with bouts of depression and finally took her own life.

That, coupled with problems arising with the school district which will, if unresolved, lead to union/district confrontation have me stressed far more than I have been in many months. I have gone through these kinds of confrontations before, and although I do not fear them, they are never pleasant and often have effects and ramifications far beyond the present.

I am glad the weekend is here as I need to to re-center , relax, and re-focus. The show must go on and next week could bring more of the same.