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November 6, 2009

Why I left Gold’s Gym

It was the toenail, I think, that finally pushed me to the tipping point. First seen on the floor in front of the crunch machine on Friday, it was there still on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so I was no longer there on Thursday. Of course the toenail was just the final straw in a series of dissatisfactions. The overall lack of attention to routine cleaning and maintenance, the failure to fill the soap dispensers, clean locker room floors, fix busted TV screens, broken machines that never seemed to get fixed and then the recent fiasco with the towels. Although I and others complained, there seemed a real indifference to the customers. After a couple of years of existence, you would think the kinks would be worked out.

My wife and I are now exercising at Fitness, Inc., a LOCALLY OWNED business. Everything that Golds offered we get for a slightly lower fee and
It’s closer to our house. I can’t understand why anyone would stay at Gold’s given the options available. Maybe I’ll see you at Fitness some early AM.

Keep On Keepin’ On

November 1, 2009

Do good! Please!

By charity, goodness, restraint, and self-control men and woman alike can store up a well-hidden treasure — a treasure which cannot be given to others and which robbers cannot steal. A wise person should do good — that is the treasure which will not leave one.

– “Khuddhaka Patha”