Leavings- The Grandkids were here


The house seems silent.
The dog sleeps comfortably on the floor,

They were here for moments
Less than a day
The joyous storm has passed

Signs of their passing remain
Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head still enthroned
At the kitchen table
Cymbals stacked in the hallway
Riley provided the sound for the storm

The Cat emerges from hiding
Sleeps now next to toys
Left scattered on the sofa
Laurie’s apple toy
Rolled to a corner for rest

They have departed
Leaving their love
To warm our hearts
The best remains

A joyful storm of grand-kids

copyright 2009 Bill “uglicoyote” Davis


One Comment to “Leavings- The Grandkids were here”

  1. That was excellent, thanks for posting this!

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